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Algernon: Jack, you are at the muffins again! I wish you wouldn't. There are only two left. (Takes them.) I told you I was particularly fond of muffins.

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House and Cuddy

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Finals are here. So I have to make my yearly entry. No, seriously, I never actually TRY to post only during finals and midterms but that's what ended up happening.

But really. This time it's not becuase of finals that I am posting. It's becuase of House.

Forgive me while I fangirl over the fact....

House was feaking jealous of Wilson. Their final conversation in the episode was absolutely awsome.

Wilson: YOU YOU YOU! *jumps* You were going to let me do that?!
House: *laughs dryly* You made a compelling argument.
Wilson: YOU sent me those flowers!
House: Yes! Because YOU took her to a play! Because actually you do want to march down there and kiss her!
Wilson: No! I don't!
House: Yes you do!
Wilson: *sighs* You are right.
House: *look of utter horror* Seriously?
Wilson: No. *turns* You're a jerk.
House: Night Wilson.
Wilson: *like nothing happened* Night House.

And then the most shocking part of the episode (at least to me):

Cuddy: I never get the whole May December thing.
House: Give me a break, May and October is worse.
Cuddy: Well, why can't it be October and October.
House: May is when things start to get hot.
Cuddy: *laughs* If that guy wasn't trying so hard to keep up a woman half his age he wouldn't have almost killed both his kids.
House: Guy gets a little something something. Couple of kids have to die. Circle of life.
Cuddy: So many people. So much energy and drama just trying to find someone who is almost never the right person anyway. It's just... It shouldn't be so hard. *looks on sadly*
House: *taps finger* I got tickets to a play. *looks a Cuddy*


"I have tickets for a play." LOL what a pick up line.

And got jealous of Wilson. Awww. He totally has a thing for that woman. Well I mean last time he kind of chased away that Lube guy. And he is always flirting with her.

Okay I will stop now. Sorry people. I had to let that out somehow.

posted by Arc 1:22:00 AM


Mid terms, Naruto, Iroha, Liar Game, Future?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's see. I just finished all my midterms. 2 of them were 2 hours apart -- and in the last half an hour of the second test my brain died on me. Not a good sign at all.

Naruto suddenly became exciting again because Sasuke is finally back. Why does he have to be so emoly awsome? I actually lurked in a few forums for the new chapters despite of the fact Narutards scare me a lot. They make long essays about Naruto and most of them seem to hate Sasuke. Many of them seriously think Sasuke will die. I am sure he won't because that would make history repeats itself and we can't have that in Narutoverse, but of course there's no point in arguing over the future.

Iroha is becoming more historical again. Historical stuff usually interests me but then I don't know anything about Japanese history and I also don't know Japanese, so that kills most of the fun. The good thing is Akizuki is a very handsome character and Kakunojou has gotten a lot cooler lately, so I can't really complain too much, I suppose.

Liar Game started again!!!!! YES! The second chapter of the 3rd game is out (the game before this was supposed to be a revival game it's left out of the count). The girl has finally learned to doubt people! YES! And she gets to work together with the main character guy again. I can't wait to see how this unfolds. Oh, also, there's going to be a live-action out for this series in April! I can't wait to see that either.

Lastly, I have applied for T-log co-op. It was a very tough decision for me since going to MIS makes more sense. I will have an interview for co-op later this month and I am really excited about it. I wish I would stop thinking I am going to be in for sure, but I can't help it. If I am going into something more popular like accounting, I would worry more. But this is t-log... In any case, my resume is not THAT bad, right? I did do a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

OOoooh, I almost forgot, but it snowed a bit in the past week. That was kind of surprising. I really didn't not expect snow at all.

posted by Arc 5:36:00 PM


New school term

Monday, January 29, 2007

I am taking cs213 and 221 together. This may prove to be one of the worst mistakes in my university career... or not -- because I don't think anything can top taking Japanese and English last year -- but still! This is probably still a bad choice.

cs213 gives the most intense labs in the world. You think 3 hours are enough to do them?! You are dead wrong. It's not so much that they are hard WHEN you actually understand what they are asking you to do... BUT getting to the point where you understand is absolute hell. I spent upward of 15 hours trying to do this assignment and it's not till about 15 mintues ago that I managed to hand it in... AND I WAS FORCED TO MISS Wii-ING with JUSTING AND ANGUS AND ANDREW!! I feel SO cheated.

And then of course there's 221... a continuation of 111 -- a logic course. I see nothing but pain from this course. On top of that I have 2 assignments due for that course this week. Even finance is less painful. And finance course is suppose to be very hard. Commerce people are so freaking spoiled. That course, in comparison to the combination of cs 221 and cs 231... is like strawberry sunday on a hot day. In my opinion, that course is actually kind of... fun?! The level of frustration I get from finance is definately << than either comp sci course.

Worse thing is, I don't even deserve any sympathy despite of my complaining for these two courses becuase I actually CHOSE to take them as my... ELECTIVE?! That's right, I am not even in comp sci, and I probably won't be majoring in comp sci... So, why the hell am I taking them?!

*breath in breath out breath in breath out*

Okay... now that I am slightly more calmed I shall move on to happier things...

Like anime.

Iroha... Or Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto brings pure joy in my life every single Friday for the last... say 17 weeks or so. I can't believe the show will be ending soon... Next episode is already episode 17 (26-17... LESS than 10 episodes left!!! NOOOOOOOO!) I seriously not know what I will do when this ends. I have gotten so used to Iroha in the last few months... it's honestly hard to imagine not watching that show, or imagining/anticipating for a new episode, or talking to wao or updating my site, or going on forums... I may go into heavy depression after this show ends. And sadly... that will happen right before finals. I have to admit that's a very very worrisome thought. VERY worrisome.

Good thing I have recently got into an anime called Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou so I will have somthing to look forward to on the weekends... but I can't get my hopes up because this show may totally be a disappointment after 3 episodes. I really hope not, but it's very likely, in my opinion. In any case, while Tokyo Majin is very entertaining so far... it has much less substance than Iroha, but maybe it will be decent in the end. Hopefully.

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For Better or For Worse

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I haven't even noticed that For Better or for Worse is going to semi-end at the end of this month. I have lost interested in the strip ever since Liz started dating Paul. I just didn't like him for some reasons, but a few days ago, by chance I read the strip of Liz and Paul breaking up. The first thought I had was: YES! Now that cool helicopter pilot can have a chance!

Remember, I haven't read the strip for a long time, so imagine my glee when I saw that Warren had returned suddenly to the strip and was actually the one who flew Elizabeth up North!

I really hope the artist will resolve Elizabeth's love interest before semi-ending the strip. I really want to see her finally giving Warren Blackwood (who had been nothing but a gentleman to Liz since the beginning and has been in liked her for a long time) an actual chance. PLEASE! Johnston, if you have a heart, please grant me this one wish and get those two together.

posted by Arc 7:43:00 PM


4/5 marks out, Christmas

Sunday, December 24, 2006

4/5 marks out so far and holy crap a miracle obviously happened. How did I managed to get these marks anyway?! Are they even my marks?! I seriously cannot believe my eyes.

After all those angsting I did over my midterms (yes, I did bad in every single one of them other than accounting) a month and a half back these marks is very encouraging indeed. I have never been good at doing finals since I can never cencentrate properly, so I had really low hopes in doing good in this term. But no, actually, so far, my average for this term is higher than all of my previous terms.

As if that is not happy enough, that 4 gig memory stick finally came!!!! I was really starting to think Gorfie lied about the whole putting my name in to get a card thing, but no, he really did get it in. I think I will send him a thank you card later.

And then to add to my holiday mood I had something to do every single day since holiday began.

I got a new hair cut, and this time it actually looks nice on me (ANOTHER miracle). I would even say this is money well spent despite this costing me $100CAN... so I guess that's ~$600HK and that's with a nice discount already!

I spent a lot of money buying gifts for a bunch of relatives this year. Honestly my gifts to them are more expensive than the stuff I bought for my friends this year. I am not sure what caused this but more or less it's due to mother's constant nagging this year.

HenHen is back from US for Christmas I saw him once already. He seems well. He is seriously getting better and better dressed every single time I see him. Thinking back to what he used to wear a few years back, the improvement is amazing.

I have no hopes for Christmas gifts this year. I really don't. I think every single one of the gifts will be a disappointment. And I really don't care about quantity of gifts any more. I just want one or two really good gifts, but I highly doubt I will get those. I think if I want anything I will have to buy them myself.

I want to buy a stereo system for boxing day and possibly a monitor. I really want a monitor. <.< 15 inch is simply not enough for this day and age esp for something who loves doing graphic like me.

Past wed was my parents' 25th anniversary. We had this insane dinner at a Chinese resturant. We had everything from shark fins to lobsters to fried baby pidgeons or something like that. It was absolutely awsome. I bought flowers for my mother at Josie and gave Josie a Christmas card.

I went to see Beauty and the Beast with Antho the past week too. For a community production it was quite good. But obviously it was no where near the quality of actual disney production or broadways stuff, but bla, for its price it was still pretty good. We had all you can eat sushi afterwards. Since we ordered too much we had to hide some food in the end.

Let's see... what else to say? Oh right I saw Tony yesterday for the first time since... I don't know when. We talked for a while outside at the gate. It was semi awkward in the beginning cause I think we both don't know how exactly to act. I almost left right away.

I also left Viv's gift at her door since no one answered the phone or door... Though I must have just missed her (okay, I have to admit that's very optimistic thinking there) cause she replied my text msg almost right away after I left.

I worked quite a bit the past week. It was okay I guess. Everything was moving along really slowly cause lots of ppl went on vacation already.

And oh yes... Welcome to NHK fansub is now complete! I saw episode 24 sub (I saw the raw last week already) this morning and it was really awsome. That was a great end to a great show. Episode 11 of Code Geass was very impressive too. There's finally some great CC action! I love CC she is so great. Anyone who is willing to say, "man sleep on the floor" to Lulu is awsome. In this episode CC seems to have gained further respect from Lulu, so for that I very happy since I am a LuluxCC supporter.

Episode 12 of Iroha was also really awsome. I liked it more than episode 10 even though episode 10 has the awsome animation. I am not going to rave about it here, since I think Wao already did my share of fanning adaquately for this episode on the animesuki forum.

So in short this week has just been a remarkably awsome week. I hope I get to enjoy similar awsome weeks in the future.

posted by Arc 2:23:00 PM